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By Victoria Anderson, Griselda Pollock

The story of the serial wife-murderer Bluebeard, his defiant, and surviving, ultimate spouse, a bloodied key and a mystery chamber of horrors, has involved writers, composers, artists and film-makers all through smooth instances. it's a targeted tale that dares to reveal and discover masculine violence: the homme fatal.This  transdisciplinary booklet explores the deep attraction of the Bluebeard tale for twentieth-century tradition. Its significant concentration is how the modernist mind's eye used the weather of Bluebeard’s story to discover masculinity’s anxieties within the face of the rising calls for of girls for redefinition and sexual equality: anxieties additionally of ethnic and cultural distinction, and primary disquiet approximately sexuality, pathology and violence within the masculine.Starting with investigations into Bartók’s opera 'Duke Bluebeard’s Castle', significant cultural thinkers, together with Elisabeth Bronfen, Ian Christie, Griselda Pollock and Maria Tatar, hint Bluebeard’s evolution from Perrault within the 17th century  to the cinematic hommes fatals of Méliès, Fritz Lang and Hitchcock. the result's an fascinating kaleidoscope of sexuality, interest, violence and demise.

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Each telling of the story recharges its power, making it hiss and crackle, but only when new narrative energy is added. As J. R. R. ’2 ‘Bluebeard’ is one of those stories that has fiercely repeated itself even as it indulges in narrative promiscuity, combining and commingling with other stories, splitting off from itself and merging with other plots to create new versions of itself, always changing as it reproduces itself. The tale’s transformative energy has guaranteed its survival but it has also led to a cultural afterlife that takes the form of repression, for the story often flashes out to us in nothing more than bits and pieces—a barbaric husband, a curious wife, a forbidden chamber, a blood-stained key, or corpses in a hidden chamber.

The classic symbol of Bluebeard, the blood-stained key evoking soiled virginity, is replaced by two sharp tools, scissors and a razor. By establishing a visual and symbolic parallel between these instruments, the artist reveals an essential affinity between Bluebeard and the apprentice. 11 Our collection explores what happens to the charged elements of this tale when they are creatively worked over by the specificities of different cultural and aesthetics forms in the modernist century across literature, drama, music, visual art, cinema.

In ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge’, the wolf both masquerades as female and ingests his female victims. At the same time, Perrault effectively ingests the feminine role whilst masquerading as a woman storyteller. He thereby becomes both the wolf ’s double and, since the clandestine nature of the wolf ’s activities are transferred to the subsequent tale (‘La Barbe Bleue’), a stage in the development of Bluebeard himself. If one can discern the annihilation of the female storyteller—or even just the oral form per se—in ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge’, then this annihilation becomes the literal cornerstone of Bluebeard’s house, which then is symbolic of the system.

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