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By Malcolm Morrison

This e-book supplies transparent suggestions to solid pronunciation and is written in an easily-accessible shape. many of us can establish and remedy their speech difficulties and considerably increase their voice by utilizing attempted and validated routines. The systematic association of the fabric with transparent illustrations makes it effortless for the layman to appreciate and paintings from successfully. This new version includes extra workouts in addition to an improved bankruptcy on vague Speech.

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M AY.. MMM 3. Replace the M sound in exercise 2 with N and repeat. 4. Hum on an M sound before intoning each of these words. Again do it quietly, feeling the vibrations on the lips and the release of the voice on the vowels: M . WE M . WE M . . WORRY M . . WAIT 5. Repeat the following sounds, first whispered, then intoned and finally, spoken. In each case sustain the M and 42 Routine 4 N sounds. Listen for the resonance as a continuous humming sound as you say the complete word: many many many many many many many minimal minimal minimal minimal minimal ammonia ammonia ammonia ammonia ammonia nominate nominate nominate nominate nominate 6.

Words to practise R red rich round rule rope read wrong wreck wretch arrange derive borrow worry thorough serious sorrow lorry dressed prim break train shrink throb fry great spread crime Sentences to practise R Bring three lorries round to the front. Raise the retail price. The rusty rod was wrapped in a rotting rag. The story concerned a marriage arrangement in Norwich. The river runs under the railway bridge. Carry the dress round to the rest room. The grain was really very brown. The mourners preceded the funeral carriage.

T SH SH SH/ T SH SH SH/ T SH SH SH/ 4. SH SH SH T T TV SH SH SH T T T/ SH SH SH T T T/ 49 The English R Sound FORMING R - METHOD 1 1. Say a long, sustained SH sound followed by the vowel ER. Keep the tongue in the position for SH as you try to say ER. The sound produced should approximate to a R sound. 2. Repeat the exercise above, but follow the ER sound with the following vowels. Make sure that after the ER the tongue falls from behind the gum ridge to behind the lower teeth: SH ER OO / SH ER AW / SH ER AH / SH ER AY / SH ER EE.

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