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By Jean Dufournet

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Guided: 안내를 받은. horsewoman: 여자기수, 여성 승마자. impulse: 충격, 충동, 자극, 추진, 변덕, 충격량, 역적, 고무, 일시적 감정순간력, 욕구. jumping: 뛰는, 도약, 뜀, 도약하는. motive: 운동을 일으키는, 동기, 동기가 되는, 동기가 되는-동기, 동인, 예술 작품의 주제, 동기의, 문학의 주제, 기동의, 일반적으로 주지, 주제. parted: 나뉜, 부분으로 나뉜, 흐트러진, 갈라진. pursuit: 추적, 종사, 직업, 수행, 추구, 추격, 연구, 속행, 하는 일. springing: 도약운동, 스프링. trifling: 하찮은, 경박한, 시시한, 사소한, 게으른. weary: 지치다, 지치게 하다, 지치게 하는, 싫어진, 넌더리나는, 동경하다, 싫증나다, 지루하게 하다, 지루해지다, 피로한, 싫증나게 하다. 32 Pride and Prejudice herself, was almost incredible to Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley; and Elizabeth was convinced that they held her in contempt for it.

My mind was more agreeably engaged. ” Miss Bingley immediately fixed her eyes on his face, and desired he would tell her what lady had the credit of inspiring such reflections. Mr. ” repeated Miss Bingley. “I am all astonishment. ” “That is exactly the question which I expected you to ask. A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment. ” “Nay, if you are serious about it, I shall consider the matter is absolutely settled. ” He listened to her with perfect indifference while she chose to entertain herself in this manner; and as his composure convinced her that all was safe, her wit flowed long.

How many letters you must have occasion to write in the course of a year! Letters of business, too! ” Korean amused: 즐기는, 명랑한, 즐거워 하는, 즐거워하는. elizabeth: 엘리자베스1세. evenness: 침착, 평등, 반반함, 균등성, 공평, 고름, 평평함. handwriting: 필적, 육필, 필사본. invalid: 병약한, 병약자, 병자, 무효의, 병약자 취급을 받다, 병약하게 되다, 병약자로서 면제하다, 병약하게 하다, 상병으로 현역에서 제대하다, 상이 군인 명부에 기입하다, 허약한. mend: 고치다, 개선하다, 정정하다, 걸음을 빠르게 하다, 수선하다, 수선, 행실 따위를 고치다, 사태가 호전되다, 개량하다, 꺼질듯한 불을 살리다, 개심하다. mistaken: 잘못된, 판단이 잘못된. needlework: 바느질자수, 바느질, 바늘질감, 바늘질. odious: 싫은, 밉살스러운, 증오해야 할, 추악한.

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