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In proposing to marry Biddy, Pip forgets that she. too, is a person in her own right, with her own desires and feelings. Among the items of local news that Joe brings to Pip is the important information that Miss Havisham completed her transformation before she died, and even the account of Orlick is 1I0t unsympathetic . Chapter 58 Summary When Pip reaches the marshes he discovers that news of his financial plight has preceded him. Pumblechook meets him and attributes his fall to ingratitude. Pip finds Biddy and Joe celebrating their marriage, and so leaves after begging their forgiveness.

And finally a wedding-ring, is one of the best comic episodes in the novel. Chapter 56 Summary Magwitch lies in prison very ill and is regularly visited by Pip, who, even at his trial, continues to hold Magwitch's hand . The Judge singles Magwitch out for particular reproof and sentences him to death. just before Magwitch dies, reveals that his daughter has grown up to become a beautiful woman, and that he, Pip , loves her. Commentary Pip's love for the dying criminal whom he had once hated is beautifully revealed by the way they now hold hands and communicate physically, where once Pip could not bear the touch of Magwitch.

The presence of such extraordinary figures as Uncle Pumblechook, Miss Havisham, Wemmick and Mr Wopsle, givesthe story a marvellous energy. Few readers are likely to forget such scenes as Pip's first visit to Satis House, or Uncle Pumblechook's prolonged congratulations of Pip when he first learns of his expectations, or Mr Wemmick's treatment of his Aged Parent at Walworth ! From its brilliant beginning to its poignant close, Great Expectations has few equals among Dickens's novels for its narrative strength and richness.

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