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By Benjamin W. Millis, S. Douglas Olson

IG II2 2318–2325 symbolize the main great surviving physique of facts for the institutional heritage of the Athenian dramatic gala's from their institution on the finish of the sixth century BCE to their disappearance someday within the mid- to past due 100s. Millis and Olson provide a totally up to date textual content of the inscriptions, in response to a detailed examine of the stones themselves; certain reasons of the restorations of the size and association of the unique documents, with a variety of redatings and so on; and new — and sometimes extensively diverse — reconstructions of the monuments on which they have been inscribed. the amount additionally contains large interpretative essays on every one set of files, a whole epigraphic and prosopographic remark, and a number of other indices.

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V contains items 4–12 of the entry for 424/3 BCE (9 lines), plus 11 years (423/2–413/2 BCE) @ 12 lines/year (132 lines), = 141 lines. The tenth item in the entry for 422/1 BCE is thus the thirtyfirst item in Col. V (9 lines for the partial entry for 424/3 BCE, 12 lines for 423/2 BCE, and 10 lines for the partial entry for 422/1 BCE, = 31 lines).  IG II2 2318 fr. d (EM 12634; photo courtesy of the Epigraphical Museum, Athens) The lower margin of the stone to which fr. d belongs was just below what would normally be the eighth item in the entry for 387/6 BCE (the victorious comic poet) but is in this case the tenth line in the entry for the year, because of the extra two-line notice about tragic revivals discussed above.

On our reconstruction of the inscription, the phenomenon begins in 332/1 BCE and increases in frequency thereafter; 17 lines, for example, appear to have been used to record the 12 items in the entry for 330/29 BCE. it provides show that Magnes and Aeschylus took the prize in the comic and tragic competitions, respectively, in 473/2 BCE—a year in which, we know from a different source, Aeschylus was victorious with a set of plays that included Per­ sians (hyp. A. Pers. 16–17)—and that Hermippus’ victory in the comic poets competition came in 436/5 BCE.

43 Wilhelm (1906a) includes all fragments known at the time, but does not present them as a continuous text; references to this work are accordingly found under the individual fragments below. 44 We have made new measurements of the fragments wherever possible. In a number of instances, fragments have been joined and/or set in plaster, preventing accurate new measurement. In such cases, we offer what appear to be the most reliable measurements previously reported. 277–86). EM 8222; Acropolis, east of the north porch of the Erechtheum, 1887.

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