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By Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott, (1771 – 1832) was once a Scottish ancient novelist, playwright, and poet. Scott used to be the 1st English-language writer to have a very overseas occupation in his lifetime, with many modern readers in Europe, Australia, and North the USA. His novels and poetry are nonetheless learn, and lots of of his works stay classics of either English-language literature and of Scottish literature. recognized titles comprise Ivanhoe, The Antiquary and man Mannering, or The Astrologer.

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It pleased her to have such an enviable husband, but she derived even greater pleasure from having been able to bestow him as a gift upon her family, to which she was closely tied by the traditions of country life. But because Agnes's father was unsociable and taciturn (nobody knew whether it was because of shyness or because his mind was on other things, and thus whether his silence expressed modesty or lack of interest), Mother's gift made die family embarrassed rather than happy. As time passed and both grew older, Mother was drawn to her family more and more; for one thing, while Father was eternally MILAN KUNDERA locked up in his study she had a hunger for talking, so that she spent long hours on the phone to sisters, brothers, cousins, and nieces and took an increasing interest in their problems.

Agnes's father learned it while still in Hungary, where he attended German public schools, and the first time Agnes heard it from him she was the same age he had been then. They recited it in the course of their strolls together, exaggerating all the accents and trying to march to the rhythm of the poem. In view of the irregularity of the meter this was not at all simple, and they succeeded only when they got to the last two lines: War-te nur—bal-de—ru-hest du—auch /They always shouted the last word so loudly that it could be heard for miles around: auch!

The eye of one has been replaced by the eyes of all. Life has changed into one vast orgy in which everyone takes part. Everyone can see an English princess celebrating her birthday in the nude on a subtropical beach. The camera is seemingly interested only in famous people, but it is enough for a jet to crash near you, your shirt goes up in flames and in an instant you too have become famous and are included in the universal orgy, which has nothing to do with delight but merely serves solemn notice to all that they have nowhere to hide and that everyone is at the mercy of everyone else.

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