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Robin Hood lived in Sherwood wooded area. He robbed wealthy humans and gave the cash to the bad. He used to be shrewdpermanent, powerful and courageous and had many adventures. He fought opposed to the grasping Sheriff of Nottingham and undesirable Prince John and defended the attractive girl Marian who enjoyed him. Robin Hood is an English folk-hero and the tales approximately him are all alleged to be real!

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But I am Richard, your king, and I wanted to meet the famous Robin Hood. I hear many good stories about you, Robin. And other people also tell me bad stories about my brother. I know that John gave your lands to the sheriff. ’ Chapter 16 The Last Adventure After his visit to Sherwood Forest, King Richard went back to London. Robin and his men left the forest. Will Scarlet went to London with the king, but Little John stayed with Robin and Marian at Locksley House. ♦ 34 One day, two years later, Robin visited his old friend, Friar Tuck.

Robin Fitzooth,’ called the sheriff, ‘I have here a letter from the king. ’ asked Robin. ‘Why does the king send you? ’ The sheriff came nearer, but not too near. He was very afraid of Robin. ‘Not King Richard,’ he answered. ‘Richard is dead! I am talking about King John. ’ Robin pulled out his sword and began to fight. At the same time he moved slowly away from the road to the forest. There were too many men - he couldn't win. He had cuts on his right arm, and the arm hurt very badly. When he got to the forest, he ran.

Good. ’ Little John helped Robin to put an arrow in the bow. They pulled. The arrow flew a long way, into the forest. ‘Take me to that place and put me in the ground there,’ said Robin. There is a place in the forest near the abbey. There you can find these words: Under this stone is Robin Hood. Remember Robin and his men — No braver man will come again. ACTIVITIES Chapters 1-5 Before you read 1 Robin Hood took money from rich people and gave it to people without money. How did he do it? Why did he do it?

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