Various's Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, PDF

By Various

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This is an unlimited choice of nice Arthurian literature: poetry, drama and essays, written after the most canon, mostly within the 18th via to the early twentieth centuries.

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; Merlin, by means of John Veitch [1889]; On King Arthur's Round-table At Winchester, through Thomas Warton [1777]; The Grave Of King Arthur, via Thomas Warton [1777]; Knights Of King Arthur's court docket, via Jessie Weston [1896]; Sir Gawain And the golf green Knight, through Jessie L. Weston [1900]; The Sword Of Kingship, by means of Thomas Westwood [1866]; whilst Tristan Sailed, by means of Helen Hay Whitney [1907]; Merlin: A Drama In 3 Acts, by means of Lambert A. Wilmer [1827]; Ballad Of Sir Launcelot, through John Grosvenor Wilson [1886]; Excalibur, through John Grosvenor Wilson [1886]; Isolt on the Tomb Of Tristram, through John Grosvenor Wilson [1886]; Sir Palamides, by way of John Grosvenor Wilson [1886]; The demise Of Guinevere, through John Grosvenor Wilson [1886]; The Egyptian Maid Or The Romance Of The Water-lily, by means of William Wordsworth [1835]; The younger Knight, Or How Gareth received His Spurs, by means of Rev. James Yeames; Sir Gawain And the golf green Knight: A Play, via The Reverend James Yeames [1911]; Time And The Witch vivien, by way of William Butler Yeats [1889]; Guenevere: A Play In 5 Acts, by means of Stark younger [1906]; The San-grail, by way of Ella younger [1920]; A music That Trostan Made, through Ella younger [1922]; Trostan Made This, via Ella younger [1922]; The background Of That Holy Disciple Joseph Arimathea; Tom Thumbe, His existence And dying, through nameless [1630]; The Temptation Of Arthur, by way of nameless [1870]; Six Ballads approximately King Arthur, by means of nameless [1881]

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Forgotten Books is a writer of ancient writings, similar to: Philosophy, Classics, technology, faith, Esoteric and Mythology.

Forgotten Books is ready sharing info, no longer approximately making a living. All books are priced at wholesale costs. we're additionally the one writer we all know of to print in huge sans-serif font, that is confirmed to make the textual content more uncomplicated to learn and placed much less pressure in your eyes.

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