Jack London's White Fang (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) PDF

By Jack London

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a operating Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of White Fang. This version will be worthy if you want

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All worked well, but there came a time when he fastened the pine-knot insecurely. % He dreamed. It seemed to him that he was in Fort McGurry. It was warm and comfortable, and he was playing cribbage with the Factor. Also, it seemed to him that the fort was besieged by wolves. They were howling at the very gates, and sometimes he and the Factor paused from the game to listen and laugh at the futile efforts of the wolves to get in. And then, so strange was the dream, there was a crash. The door was burst open.

And in the meanwhile, the she-wolf, the cause of it all, sat down contentedly on her haunches and watched. She was even pleased. This was her day--and it came not often--when manes bristled, and fang smote fang or ripped and tore the yielding flesh, all for the possession of her. And in the business of love the three-year-old, who had made this his first adventure upon it, yielded up his life. On either side of his body stood his two rivals. They were gazing at the she- wolf, who sat smiling in the snow.

Churn: 교유기, 일게 하다, 휘젓다, 불필요한 절차를 밟게 하다, 휘저어 버터를 만들다, 우왕좌왕하다, 버터 제조기, 대형우유 깡통, 교유기를 돌리다, 거품지며 물가에 부딪치다, 거품일다. drunken: 술취한, 술고래의. dying: 죽어가는, 임종, 임종의, 죽음, 꺼져가는, 사망, 죽을. eager: 열심인, 열망하여, 심한, 에 열성적인, 열망하는, 갈망하는. goo: 지나친 감상, 찐득거리는 것. jerked: 홱 움직이는, 갑자기 말하는, 내뱉듯이 갑자기 말하는, 육포로 만든, 홱 움직이게 하는. mysterious: 불가사의한, 이상한, 신비한, 신비적인. plump: 노골적인, 갑자기, 곧장, 부푼, 살찌게 하다, 털썩, 통통하게 살찐통통히 살찌다, 퉁명스런, 털썩 떨어지다, 퉁명스러운, 노골적으로. questioner: 질문자, 심문자. shaking: 흔들림, 진동, 흔들리는, 흔듦. shocked: 어안이 벙벙한, 얼떨떨한, 충격을 받은. sinking: 가라앉음, 내려앉는, 쇠약 가라앉는, 쇠퇴하는, 가라앉는.

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