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By Allan Cole

KING OF KINGS, LORD OVER males AND DEMONS ALIKEOnly one ruler had ever held that identify, and now Iraj Protarus, an orphaned prince exiled to a small village excessive within the Valley of the Clouds, dreamed of being the subsequent nice conqueror. the main to his future will be Safar Timura, a adolescence with an amazing reward for sorcery, whose visions foretold Iraj's upward thrust to energy. And in these visions, Safar stood at Iraj's part, his soul-blasting spells permitting his pal to realize his dreams.  But Safar had different visions with darker portents, and his spellbound wisdom raised secrets and techniques larger left buried. the line the 2 males will be wealthy in titles and fortunes, however it could even be wealthy in demise and catastrophe, in intrigue--and in unforgivable betrayal . . .Let the Wizard of the Winds sweep you away with a story of such strength and keenness that you'll put out of your mind another delusion you have ever learn. input an international the place people and demons are lethal enemies, the place the future of whole dynasties is buffeted mercilessly via the stormy winds of sorcery strong past mind's eye. just like the masters who've come earlier than him, Allan Cole has created a haunting and specific global peopled with characters you'll hate to like and like to hate . . . a special international whose siren track could be impossible to resist to delusion enthusiasts all over . . .From the exchange Paperback variation.

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It was white and carried an armored howdah on its back. A large silk banner flew over the howdah, displaying a comet moving across a full moon. The comet was silver, the moon harvest red. Then he saw the city gates thrown wide and a crowd poured out to greet the army. Safar spread his spirit arms and flew toward the crowd. No one saw him as he sailed over a forest of spears and lances and he took a boy's immense pleasure in doing what he liked amongst so many adults and yet remaining unobserved.

Very mannered. Good clothing. And well spoken. " "He'll soon learn there are no servants in Kyrania, Myrna said sharply. " "He's an orphan, Safar's father said. Myrna was scandalized. An orphan? What kind of orphan is he? No, I take that back. The Gods make orphans. It's no fault of a child's. It's the boy's kin I wonder about. What manner of people are they to push an orphan on strangers? " Safar saw his father shift, uneasy. It seems there's some sort of difficulty in his clan, Khadji said. " Myrna's eyebrows rose.

All who dwelt beyond huddled in armed settlements to keep thieves and beasts at bay. It was an uneasy time, a time crying out for change. Royal wizards studied the stars for signs to reassure their masters. Subjects gathered in secret to implore the gods to rid them of those same masters. But the gods gave no clue of their intentions. The starry wheel where the gods slept in their ten holy realms churned onward year after year, heedless to all pleas. Then the portent came. It was not from the slumbering gods but from the molten depths of the world itself.

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